Winter road
Winter road via Magdeleine

Hello? Is someone still reading this? It has been such a long time and no post. I could say it’s because we have been so busy (which is true) but I already tried to get away from glorifying the ‘being busy’ in 2015, and I’m not about to re-start that in 2016.

But what do I want from 2016? I want to make time for things that are important to me, and somehow this blog is important, otherwise why would we have kept it up and running for such a long time? My big problem (or one of them…) was that I felt I had no voice left. Not my singing voice, which thanks to the building works next door gets ample grounds for training – my own inner voice, which I felt I have let people trample and almost suffocate because of what happened (see short explanation here).  I need to make my peace with it and move forward. This doesn’t mean I will forget – we all know, women don’t forget, they archive 🙂

Inevitably, though, with time not only the blogosphere changed (as you all are more than aware of), as well as the individuals behind the blog (or the instagram feed or YouTube channel), which is sometimes fascinating to be part of – and sometimes … not so much. Anyway, you probably read more than one blog post about blogs changing/dying at the start of the year like this one or this one here, and I will not follow this lemming movement and dive into it. However, I think we can all agree, the simple blog is no more and if you want to stay alive you need to consciously spend more time on it. We bought new Leuchtturm time planners, maybe this will help to keep us on our toes. We will need this anyway as we have to move at the beginning of March (eeeek!).

I hope this will be an interesting year and we can keep documenting our ideas out here in the blog for you to read, comment and even maybe be inspired. Happy (belated) 2016!


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weekend getaway
weekend getaway – Castle Combe two weeks ago
While I write this post, it’s raining outside, there is a thunderstorm outside, and Micro and I are curled up together on the bed with an slightly uneven division of work: I work, he sleeps and snores. A cosy day – would it not be for the construction noise next door. Although, I have to be fair, it’s so much better than Monday or Tuesday where we had sledge-hammering going on behind our heads (or what felt like behind our heads). Can’t wait for our little coffee shop to open again to get away from all this!

What else happened this week? G went to Zürich on her regular work trip  – and, of course, brought back some chocolate. Oh, memories of going to the Sion Festival as a child – for the Masterclasses (not for holidays, definitely not, unless your definition of holiday includes several hours of practising your instrument and sitting in masterclasses for almost the entire day) – and meeting all our friends driving down at the first stop on the motorway in Switzerland – to buy chocolate. The amount of string instruments that were, accidentally, left in the restaurant were staggering. Thankfully no-one ever noticed or knew how expensive they were!

With cooler weather the knitting season starts again! I hope this year I can finish my cardigan, which I started …. (mumble, mumble) years ago (Wool and pattern from Lana Grossa). To be fair, I did finish the stripy jumper before and I pledged not to buy any wool until I have at least finished the cardigan. Ah, coffee + cake + audiobook + knitting + sleepy dog = sounds like a great weekend. Currently re-listening to the first book of Riyari Revelation (in German and love David Nathan reading it) and can’t decide which book to listen to next. Hm, I still have 2 weeks left before my subscription renews, maybe you have a suggestion?

What else? I started to work through a new ethics application, I went dog-walking with our dog-walking friend (OMG, you really know what you have done, if you go out with 6 dogs!), ate too many apricots (but not enough in general), and sung a lot of Mozart to counterbalance the building noise. And for this reason, I’d like to put this burger on the breakfast/brunch menu for the weekend. I’ve been waking up with headaches lately (from doing too much, I know), maybe this will help for that, too.

Not wanting to leave you without showing you this young-at-heard bridesmaid. How cool is this?! It makes me miss my grandmother. I think, she only made it to one wedding of her grand-children before he memory self-destructed too much to go places.

What are your plans for the weekend? Going for walks, doing something for your fitness, staying home and relaxing? What ever you do, have a great one!

dear friday

The staycation edition – yay, a whole week to do what we want – more or less.  We just need to get through today (and apparently some thunderstorm, hopefully not when we are out in the park.edit: instated of going to the park, we took Micro to the vet: He got bitten by another dog yesterday and, after speaking with the vet this morning, we thought it would be safer if he has a look at it. Now we are home with antibiotics and painkillers and little Micro is snoring next to me.) And now let the fun times begin.

Dear Friday_2

I started writing our do-to list weeks ago – it included things like ‘clean flat before the start of the staycation’ so I had to start early. Also, I had to switch my medication last week. The patent ran out and re-applying doesn’t really work out for Pharmaceutical companies as well as applying for a new ones for new medications, so new medication it is. I still have some problems re-adjusting, but it turned out to be less bad than I anticipated (famous lasts words). In order to somehow stay on top of things I had to work with big gaps in my schedule so an early start on my to-do list was in order.

Oddly enough we thought we’d keep to an early morning start (will report next week how that worked out), Micro is currently used to getting up at 6am, so we might as well get some breakfast at the same time.

Fun stuff for next week includes finally going to the Natural History Museum, and maybe having a coffee at Fernandez and Wells afterwards (if they are fast enough, last time it took forever to get a cup of coffee). Comment of the editor: actually planning on going to Roots and Bulbs and trying their coconut coffee shake (!) 

We hope to check this place out and get our nails done.

Get the bikes fixed and come up with a plan how to install a basket for Micro (serveral DIY options – some more practical then others)

Do some gardening – isn’t this one of the greatest transformations you have seen? We just would need to rent a saw.

Go out for food and/or coffee – I recommend the London’s Best Coffee app, which we have frequently used and found great places we would have usually overlooked.

What are your plans for this weekend? Are you doing something nice, combining summer weather (hopefully) and fun summer activities? What ever you are doing have a great weekend!

dear friday