The staycation edition – yay, a whole week to do what we want – more or less.  We just need to get through today (and apparently some thunderstorm, hopefully not when we are out in the park.edit: instated of going to the park, we took Micro to the vet: He got bitten by another dog yesterday and, after speaking with the vet this morning, we thought it would be safer if he has a look at it. Now we are home with antibiotics and painkillers and little Micro is snoring next to me.) And now let the fun times begin.

Dear Friday_2

I started writing our do-to list weeks ago – it included things like ‘clean flat before the start of the staycation’ so I had to start early. Also, I had to switch my medication last week. The patent ran out and re-applying doesn’t really work out for Pharmaceutical companies as well as applying for a new ones for new medications, so new medication it is. I still have some problems re-adjusting, but it turned out to be less bad than I anticipated (famous lasts words). In order to somehow stay on top of things I had to work with big gaps in my schedule so an early start on my to-do list was in order.

Oddly enough we thought we’d keep to an early morning start (will report next week how that worked out), Micro is currently used to getting up at 6am, so we might as well get some breakfast at the same time.

Fun stuff for next week includes finally going to the Natural History Museum, and maybe having a coffee at Fernandez and Wells afterwards (if they are fast enough, last time it took forever to get a cup of coffee). Comment of the editor: actually planning on going to Roots and Bulbs and trying their coconut coffee shake (!) 

We hope to check this place out and get our nails done.

Get the bikes fixed and come up with a plan how to install a basket for Micro (serveral DIY options – some more practical then others)

Do some gardening – isn’t this one of the greatest transformations you have seen? We just would need to rent a saw.

Go out for food and/or coffee – I recommend the London’s Best Coffee app, which we have frequently used and found great places we would have usually overlooked.

What are your plans for this weekend? Are you doing something nice, combining summer weather (hopefully) and fun summer activities? What ever you are doing have a great weekend!

dear friday

Breakfast in bed

Hello and welcome to a new Friday, the door to the weekend! How was your week? This week was uneventful – especially compared to the last one when we drove home and back to London within 3 days (yes, we do these things).  We had Sunday to unpack and re-group – and of course, thanks to that, our meal prep was a bit sketchy, though we stayed on the whole30 track. We’ve gotten the hang of our morning routine, getting up, lemon water and yoga and then we really enjoy sitting down having breakfast with hazelnut milk coffee. Weird, I’d never though I would like that dairy-free concoction or have enough time to sit and chat on a weekday breakfast. I didn’t even do that at school (especially not the chatty bit, which is unusual for me). The energy levels are still low – G almost keels over sideways after dinner, but then she just started a new job, so she might have a good excuse here. We both saw some changes, but feel it’s too early to draw conclusions. Probably we should think about adding another 30 days….? No idea, but that can be discussed on the weekend.

What else did I find interesting this week?

It might be a good thing to stay away from pre-packaged, ready-made food and invest some time into cooking yourself, especially when you read this study.

We let it happen, by looking away, by not listening or not being able to see the signs – the stitch would you wear it?

Not whole30 approved, but it looks oh so great: sweet potato and apricot cake

Already looking for Easter Egg decoration? Try this one, this one or this one

I have said that the week was uneventful, and it was, until a few hours ago I learned that Micro’s new buddy Balto passed away. It’s so, so sad! I hope he finds plenty of interesting things to explore in doggy heaven!! Life is quite short people, let’s enjoy it while we have the possibility to do so. Plan something nice for this weekend.

Walking with friends: Austin & Micro outside of the water and Balto in the middle of it

dear friday